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5 Tips for a perfect password management

More than 70 percent of the interviewees remember their passwords themselves, using 17 percent of their birthdays, ten percent of their telephone numbers, ten percent of their second names, nine percent of their pet names, and eight percent of 123456 numbers. Online services such as Facebook, Gmail and Dropbox, as well as highly-sensitive services such… Read More »

Windows 7: Automate tasks through task scheduling

If you regularly enable specific features of Windows 7, you can automate this task through task scheduling.  Plan to perform regular disk cleanup For example, you can use the maintenance wizard to perform the entire cleanup of your system. Practical: You can run the necessary work automatically and at regular intervals. For example, you can set… Read More »

Easily transfer wireless settings to other PCs

Compared to Windows XP, the setting up of your own WLAN under Windows 7 is a children’s game – but nonetheless, hardly a user wants this procedure more often than necessary. That is why Microsoft has integrated a handy feature that allows you to copy the WLAN settings to a USB stick and transfer them… Read More »

Always select the correct printer on the network

The permanent workplace becomes more and more a discontinuation model – more and more often, mobile work is being carried out and access is also made to different networks. Of course, the printer is not available in the office network. Windows 7 would be so smart to recognize this obvious fact automatically. But only if you activate the… Read More »

Security Task Manager 2.0: More security on your computer

Neuber Software now provides the tried and tested “Security Task Manager” in version 2.0. The Windows tool offers even more security on your own computer and is available in a free 30-day full version for testing. The Windows Normal Task Manager does not provide much information about running processes. The Security Task Manager goes much further into… Read More »

WhatsApp is finally available for Edge

With more than a billion users, WhatsApp is the number one mobile trader and more and more people are using WhatsApp not only on their smartphones, but also on their computers. This is possible under Firefox, Chrome and Safari through WhatsApp Web. Now comes the long overdue support for Microsoft’s new Edge browser. Edge can now be… Read More »

Does Microsoft’s privacy revolution?

The serious economic magazine Forbes reports that Microsoft is planning an update for Windows 10, which can be used to disable all the functions that collect private data. However, Microsoft immediately denied this report – which in the past has already been made more frequently and the denied function was then released.   What has not… Read More »

Alcatel builds high-end smartphone with Windows 10

According to the well-informed blog NokiaPowerUser, Alcatel is currently working on developing a smartphone with Windows 10, which is on the same level with the iPhone 6S and the Galaxy S7: In the “Alcatel Idol 4 Pro” the same processor is to be installed, Which also performs in the Galaxy S7 from Samsung its service.… Read More »