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5 Tips for a perfect password management

More than 70 percent of the interviewees remember their passwords themselves, using 17 percent of their birthdays, ten percent of their telephone numbers, ten percent of their second names, nine percent of their pet names, and eight percent of 123456 numbers. Online services such as Facebook, Gmail and Dropbox, as well as highly-sensitive services such… Read More »

Windows: Show hidden files at any time

To do this, click Start and type “regedit” in the search box. Then press ENTER to start the Registry Editor. Navigate to the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \ Directory \ shell key. Use “Edit / New / Key” to create a new key. Specify a unique name, such as “Hide”. Now click on “Edit / New / Key” again. As a… Read More »

Windows 7: Automate tasks through task scheduling

If you regularly enable specific features of Windows 7, you can automate this task through task scheduling.  Plan to perform regular disk cleanup For example, you can use the maintenance wizard to perform the entire cleanup of your system. Practical: You can run the necessary work automatically and at regular intervals. For example, you can set… Read More »

Windows: Resize and resize any window

On Windows, there are dialog boxes whose size can not be adjusted with the mouse as usual. This often contains important information in these windows, which can not be read out or only made more difficult. The free tool “AltMove” solves such problems: AltMove lets you customize the size of all windows displayed on Windows, and move… Read More »

Windows tunes: Turn off services from other providers

Windows is getting slower and slower – a seemingly irrefutable law in the IT world. However, in most cases, Windows services from third-party vendors are due to the fact that the formerly fast-paced computer is only slowly moving ahead. But these services can be turned off with a few mouse clicks. Windows speeds up faster and runs faster:… Read More »

Block PC after invalid login attempts

By default, the login password can be entered as often as you wish. This allows unauthorized users to easily test dozens or even hundreds of passwords when they are unobserved with the computer for some time. If your laptop is stolen, the thieves can spend hours of time trying all sorts of passwords. You should therefore make sure… Read More »

Files, folders, and libraries to the tasklist

The Windows taskbar is subject to major changes from version to version: With Windows Vista, it was broader and more prominent – but in Windows 7, it has been enhanced with numerous features. With the jump lists, frequently used commands of individual applications can be directly selected via a click with the right mouse button… Read More »

Avoid automatic restart of Windows

With its updates and patches, Microsoft provides more security and stability with Windows – and sometimes also annoyed moans: After the updates have been installed automatically, Windows prompts you to reboot. You can move the reboot within a certain period of time. But sooner or later Windows is annoying again with this – certainly legitimate –… Read More »

How long is your PC running daily?

In many households the PC runs daily – sometimes only a few minutes, but often several hours. But do you know how long your computer is actually switched on per day? The Windows log helps you get the answer to this question: To do this, click the start icon of Windows 7 or Vista and type “Event… Read More »